Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June Picnic

Last night we were finally able to see the completed President's Quilt.
We have so many talented quilters in our group.

It was such fun to see our individual style work so well together.

Linda will surely treasure this quilt forever!

Deb gave a wonderful toast in Linda's honor.
Thanks so much for all of the fun and creativity you brought to our guild this past year!

Welcome new president Pam R. (with a tattoo like that you know we are all in good hands) and Vice President Deb B.

Next Meeting is July 27th @ 7:00 pm.
Dues of $20.00 will be collected for the upcoming year.
We will be having book sales from our library cart over the next few meetings. Please be sure to bring your checkbook if you would like to make a purchase.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June Meeting and News

Hi, everyone! I will try and not ramble so bear with me.

May 29th meeting had 22 members in attendance. We discussed disbanding the library.

1. If you have donated a book you can take it back.

2. We will be holding a sale of the books to Guild Members

3. Give College for Kids, kids a book. ( simple)

Next meeting is the PICNIC on June 22nd.

We will be having a potluck. Everyone bring a dish to pass. Anita Bunge will bring our beverage. The guild will provide plates, glasses, and silverware. So, just bring yourself and a dish to pass.

Suzanne made a Quilt for Lecien Fabric Corp. It is showcasing a new fabric line. She has named the quilt "HOLLY'S GARDEN". You can find the pattern online after quilt market at www.lecien.co.jp/em/hobby

I learned at Southwest Tech's sewing expo last weekend that is will be no more. They announced this was the last year of the Expo.

FYI Jean Glise's husband has had a stroke and in the hospital.

***UPDATE*** Jean Glise's husband passed away late last week. Funeral and visitation was June 16th.

Hope to see everyone on the 22nd.