Friday, September 10, 2010

September 2010 Meeting and October 2 & 3rd Quilt Show


Just a quick update on information going on in the guild:

Our quilt show will be held Saturday and Sunday, October 2 & 3, at Schmitt-Woodland Hills. If you have quilts you would like to show, you may either bring them to the quilt guild meeting on Monday, September 27, or have them at Schmitt by noon on October 1. Please write up a brief description - pattern name, who pieced and who quilted (either one by hand or machine).

Everyone is asked to bring to the September meeting 10 1/2" squares of fabric (one each color) in blue (navy), red (burgundy) and white (ivory) for the Quilts of Valor, which will be pieced at the January sleep-over at Town & Country Presbyterian Church. It is hoped that we will have a quilt to donate to one wounded soldier in each county that is represented by members of the guild from the counties of Richland, Grant, Iowa, Crawford and Vernon.

In the August meeting, we signed up for various projects, events, treats and teaching techniques. If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to sign up for those that interest you!

Jean G. will be having her rummage sale this weekend (Sept 11th weekend).

REMEMBER: The church will be open at 6:00 to set up your machine and start sewing on the project of your choice! A brief business meeting will begin at 7:00. If you are coming for the business meeting, please stay for show and tell and the fellowship of quilters.

See you at the meeting on the 27th!



Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 23, 2010 Meeting


Just a few quick reminders for the Monday, August 23rd, meeting:

1. The church will be open at 6:00pm to set up your sewing machines. Bring any project you would like to work during this open sewing time.

2. There will be sign-up sheets for the events we discussed at the last meeting (ugly fabric, challenge, quilt show trip, shop hop, day in town/country, cookie exchange, theater trip, block of the month, table runners, treats, willing to teach a technique or class)

3. A very short business meeting will be held at 7:00pm - remember, we voted to take our guild time for sewing, classes, show & tell and fellowship - not for lengthy business meetings. We also voted that decisions will be discussed in the business portion of the evening with the executive committee making the final decision based on the discussion.

4. Come ready to sew, show what you've been doing, have fun & talk!

One agenda item will be whether or not we will have a quilt show this year. If you have any other agenda items, please contact me (Deb B.) either via e-mail or phone.

See you Monday!



Sunday, July 25, 2010


Summer is Here

Maybe I should call it “weeding season”! They sure are the fastest things growing with this heat and rain! At least we all know we’re not alone out there “weeding” through the weeds. Everyone I’ve talked to claims his/her grass and weeds are growing twice as fast as anything else. Some vegetable gardens are not as productive as people had hoped. I still like this time of year – fruits and vegetables are easier to find and diets are easier (and cheaper) to stick to with the fruits’ and vegetables’ availability.

Another Quilt Year Ahead

I’ve been thinking how I can make the guild better for everyone. I know that not everyone will be “happy” but then when does that happen? Do circumstances really occur that make everyone happy? If you know how to make that happen, please let me know. I will tell you that I’ve put a lot of thought into this year and have a few ideas that I will share at the guild meeting on Monday, July 26.

I’ve enclosed a questionnaire that I hope everyone will take the time to fill out. Remember this is YOUR guild too!

New Books

I’m not usually one to buy new books, but these are so good I did buy 4 of them*! Check them out:

Farmers’ Wife (traditional blocks)

Hobo Quilts (blocks With the Signs the Hobos used)

*Bargello Quilts With a Twist (bargello quilts made using blocks)

*Quilted Symphony (a very good art quilt design book)

*First Ladies’ Quilt (a history & block for each First Lady)

*Bead Creative Art Quilts (very good instructional beading book)

Birthday Blocks

If you’ve signed up for the birthday block exchanges, please follow through. It’s interesting each month to see what people have made.

See you at the Guild Meeting, Monday, July 27, 7:00p.m.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

February Meeting Update

Just a reminder that our meeting will be Monday, February 22 at

7:00. The church will be open at 6:00 for anyone who wants to work before the meeting.

We will be discussing a change of our meeting time. There has been some discussion about moving the meeting time to Saturday mornings. Or only doing Saturday morning once every three months. Think about this and we will discuss more on Monday evening.

I will need all of the completed applique blocks for the walk with grace quilt. We also need more fabric for the 9 patch blocks. Any pastel colors will do. We need 4 1/2" squares.

Birthday block for February is Jean Fuller. 10 1/2" blocks, bright colors, any pattern.

Julie would like any fabric that you will not be using to make pillow cases with her other quilt group. She needs at least 1/4 yd pieces.

I will need all Project Linus quilts. We will also do a picture for the paper.

See you Monday evening.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

January Meeting on Saturday Jan 23rd @ 9:30 am

Hope you had a blessed Holday season and have settled down now. I'll bet alot of us are staying warm inside and getting lots of quilting done.

Just a few reminders.

We will be having our sleepover at the chruch on Jan 22nd and 23rd starting at 3:00 on Friday. We will order Pizza for supper on Friday night with everyone contributing to the cost. We will have our meeting on Saturday at 9:30. Dinner on Saturday will be on me.

During the sleepover, we will be working on the Walk with Grace quilt. Please bring any applique blocks at that time. We woul also like at least a 4 1/2" piece of the fabric you used in your applique block to use in the 9 patches. It will tie the quilt together.

You may also bring your own projects to work on. If you choose to work on the mystery quilt, you will need 1 2/3 yard of light fabric, 1 1/3 yard of dark fabric, 3/4 yard of medium fabric. This is for a fairly large wall hanging, if you want something bigger, it is easy to just make more blocks.

I will also be collecting quilts for Project Linus.

Birthday Blocks start in January with Jean Glise. She would like 10 1/2' blocks any pattern in browns and dark red. This is totally voluntary for those that signed up.

Hope to see you all there. The goal of the sleepovers is to relax, laugh alot and hopefully(I say hopefully because we usually don't) get alot done.