Friday, September 25, 2009

September 2009 Newsletter

September 2009 Newsletter

Fall’s Arrival
With a lot of rain (finally) Fall arrived. Cool temperatures, sweaters, sweatshirts, colors in nature, falling leaves, football and soccer games are just a few of the things we all look forward to in September. For me, Fall also means spending more time sewing and/or quilting. Christmas is not that far away, so if we have gifts to make, they need to be started!

Guild Happenings
Church open early:
The church will now be open at 6:00p.m. before the meeting. People who would like to come early and bring projects to work on are welcome. This may be a way of connecting with each other outside the meeting.

Quilt Show is Happening!!
Ann Meyer has talked with Schmidt-Woodland Hills. They would really like to have a quilt show there during the Color Fiesta. They will be responsible for getting the quilt standards and setting them up. (Ann will supervise this.) We will be responsible for hanging the quilts and having members there in shifts to monitor the show. Each member showing a quilt will be responsible for the description of their quilt. Ann will be giving more information at the September 28 meeting. If you live a distance from Richland Center and have a quilt you would like to have displayed, write up the description and bring it to Ann at the September meeting. Here is a sample of how to write out the description:

Title of Quilt (or Color Pattern, ie. Blue Ohio Star)
Made by Suzy Smith
Quilted by Liza Long (if different than maker)

Story of Quilt should start with pattern name or class that it was made in or book/magazine that it came from because it is illegal to display something that does not give credit to the designer. Then things like who it was made for, or inspired by. Techniques used to make it and machines used to make it. How long it took is a question of many viewers. Any previous ribbons or awards won by the quilt.

Saturday Sewing
A discussion was held as to the possibility of getting together to sew on Saturdays. It was noted that the church is going to start the labyrinth again. It was reported that Schmidt-Woodland Hills would welcome us if the church is not available. Carol also mentioned that upstairs of Trappings was also available.

Project Linus
Guild members ill get together on Saturday, October 10, 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. to work on quilts for Project Linus.

Book Sale
At September’s meeting there will be soft-cover books on sale for $5. Put your name on the card in the book so we know who has it in case someone would like to borrow it and turn it in with your money to Suzanne. It was noted that at College for Kids each child was able to choose a quilt book to take home.

If you haven’t already signed up for a committee, think about one of these: Sunshine, Activity, Retreat.

Birthday Block Exchange
People can either sign up to take part or just watch and be inspired – wouldn’t it be more fun to participate??!!! Each person participating will specify their choice of block and colors they would like. Then each person will make a block for the birthday person.

Show and Tell First/Last Quilts
It was decided that at the Christmas party in November guild members should bring their first and their last quilts for Show and Tell.

Quilt Expo
For those of us who were fortunate enough to get to Madison and the Quilt Expo, we were able to see the 2nd place ribbon on Ann’s “Blazing His Own Trail” entry. Congratulations, Ann!!

Next Meeting
Until Monday, September 28, happy sewing! See you at the meeting!

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Chris, You always do such a great job on your guild's blog. I learn something everytime I come here. Thanks - Debbie